Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Broadway Research Assignment

BROADWAY MUSICAL THEATER PROJECT: ____________________________________        Yanchak/Lyssy
SUMMATIVE – 100% (as detailed below)                                                                 Theater III

Objective: Students will work alone or in pairs to research one influential musical composer/lyricist and present their work to their class in a multimedia presentation of their choice. 

Note: Laptops will be available in the library during class periods on APRIL 2-4.  Students may choose to present their work in any format (Powerpoint, iMovie, research paper, etc.) but they must include audio-visual points as detailed below.  Students should plan to bring in headphones/earbuds and flashdrives as needed.  Presentations will take place beginning APRIL 7 in class (not in the library), and students will be required to transport their work from their assigned laptop to the classroom’s computer.
(It can be turned in via Student Vault!)

Biographical Information – 3% each complete detail listed

·      Birthdate/birthplace
·      Early childhood/education/college
·      Personal life (marriages, children, etc.)
·      Present day (Are they alive and working?  Have they passed on?  When?)

Historical Context – 5% each complete detail listed
  • What time period (years active) was this person writing/composing in?
  • What were the significant events of that time period? (Name at least three!)
  • How did their work reflect upon the time period? (Explain in detail.  Was it escapist?  Satirical?)

Body of Work – 5% each complete detail listed
  • A list of significant musicals/compositions
  • Include photos, video clips, and audio clips from significant musicals

Associated Actors/Actresses/Other Acts (“Staples”) – 3% each complete detail listed
  • Actors/Actresses cast in major roles
  • Major influences in theater/music and how that has shaped their body of work

Brief Synopsis of “Opus Est” Musical – 5% each complete detail listed

  • Musical title and opening date on Broadway
  • Major cast/crew
  • Synopsis: Beginning/middle/end
  • Include photos, video clips, and audio clips to help you as you narrate

Other Criteria

  • Use of photos/images throughout
    (at least 10)  - 5%
  • Use of audio/video throughout
(at least 2) – 10% (Ms. Y can help download!)
  • Information presented in clear, logical, chronological order – 6%
  • Oral presentation shared between team members/easy to understand – 10%
  • Use of at least 5 different resources
(1 must be book based) – 6%

Suggested Online Resources (you can use others!!!)

·      http://www.ibdb.com